Dr. Andrea Bonior
Dr. Andrea Bonior
Psychologist | Author | Speaker

“Detox Your Thoughts” due out from Chronicle Books in May 2020 and almost available for pre-order.

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Dr. Andrea chats LIVE every Tuesday at 1pm EST for The Washington Post. It is like a live, written column-- and she and her chatters talk about everything from family drama to emotional baggage to work and relationships in "Baggage Check Live." It's free, it's anonymous, and there's no sign-up required. And you can read the chats anytime after they're done. Read now!

Dr. Andrea Bonior | Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Keynote Speaker & Best-Selling Author

Meet Dr. Andrea Bonior

Keynote Speaker, Best-Selling Author, & Practicing Psychologist

Author of a best-selling book on psychological principles, featured columnist for the Washington Post, Psychology Today and Huffington Post, adjunct professor at Georgetown University, and media personality, Dr. Andrea Bonior brings psychological science to life. Through her talks, press appearances, and writing, she provides actionable insights into overcoming real-world challenges, and explores how research-backed techniques can help us achieve the lives we want, personally and professionally.

A licensed clinical psychologist with a long-time practice in Bethesda, Maryland, Dr. Bonior speaks across the nation to help organizations improve workplace relationships, motivation, and emotional health. 


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Keynotes Filled with Laughter, Insight, and Results

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Corporate Opportunities

Through cutting-edge research on the principles of behavior, participation-based exercises that engage her listeners, and examples that are fine-tuned specifically for each audience, Dr. Andrea Bonior delivers compelling talks that explain how it's sometimes the seemingly "little" things that can actually make the biggest difference in our motivation, energy, and happiness.

Participants take away a far better understanding of their mental blocks and motivators. They leave inspired by a whole new toolkit of cognitive techniques, energized and ready to be more effective in overcoming professional and personal obstacles. Dr. Bonior is available for corporate and non-profit audiences large and small, and her talks are particularly well-suited to entrepreneurs, health care providers, HR professionals, corporate managers, teachers, and sales teams. She specializes in keynotes, workshops, and half-day trainings.


Dr. Andrea giving a keynote on emotional health in the workplace

Dr. Andrea giving a keynote on emotional health in the workplace

My favorite speaker. You’re not supposed to laugh so much while learning so much. Amazing.
— Janey K, audience member, WMG
This talk turned the way I look at workplace wellness on its head, and I’m fired up. We’re going to be making some big changes with our employees.
— Mike R., VP and audience member, MD Employee Health and Wellness Symposium
I absolutely loved your talk— as informative as it was engaging, and perfectly pitched to the audience. Really wonderful.
— Dave Haaga, Ph.D., planner of AU All-American Weekend
You should know, people are still bringing up your talk [on the health benefits of friendship] a year later! To say it was well-received would be an understatement.
— Diane Brown, event planner for DC-area organization

Improved Leadership through Healthier Relationships

Speaking Engagements

Treat your attendees to an educational, inspirational, and mentally stimulating session with Dr. Andrea.

Drawing from nearly two decades of professional experience, Dr. Andrea has developed entertaining and engaging presentations that lead to better motivation, relationships, and purpose. Dr. Andrea’s sessions are informative, inspirational, and always well-received.


— MOST POPULAR Topics include —

Relationships at work

Build better relationships by breaking down barriers that get in the way of communication. Create stronger teams and more effective leaders through better insights about how to relate-- smarter. 

Social Lives

Discover the science behind our connections to other people, and troubleshoot the problems that sometimes make them toxic (ouch!). Discover the surprising ways that social connections and friendship are crucial not just for emotional health, but for physical health as well. Learn how to cut out the clutter and create meaningful interactions in the age of social media.

Emotional health at work

Effectively address stress and mental health concerns, drastically decrease burnout risk, and learn the connection between wellness and productivity. Identify problem spots that put the mental health of your organization-- and its employees-- at risk. 



Bust the myths about productivity and learn actionable tips and techniques to overcome procrastination, increase efficiency, set more effective goals, and track your progress to keep it going.



Understand the surprising difference between happiness and pleasure, and learn how to better connect with your purpose and values to increase your day-to-day satisfaction. Incorporate mindfulness into your workday and leisure time, and integrate some research-backed happiness boosters that will absolutely blow your mind. 

Bringing Psychological Science to Life Through

Stories, Experience, & Participation

Best-Selling Author

Dr. Andrea is the author of the Publishers' Weekly bestseller, Psychology: Essential Thinkers, Classic Theories, and How They Inform Your World. It explores how famous, not-so-famous, and downright infamous psychological principles apply to our everyday lives and relationships. 

AB Books.001.jpeg

Psychology: Essential Thinkers, Classic Theories, and How They Inform Your World

By exploring 37 of the theories and approaches that formed the basis of modern psychology, Dr. Andrea Bonior bridges the gap between the theoretical and the practical, and lays the foundation for better understanding of your own everyday thoughts and behaviors.

Available from Amazon, Indiebound and Barnes & Noble

Dr. Bonior applies her scholarly eye and trademark wit to the daunting task of boiling down hundreds of years of research and theorizing on human behavior into concise, readable summaries of key concepts and influential experiments.
— Dave Haaga, Ph.D., Department Chair and Professor of Psychology, American University
Written in crisp prose and peppered with pop cultural references, Psychology: Essential Thinkers, Classic Theories, and How They Inform Your World achieves impressive breadth without ever sacrificing depth or clarity....A thoroughly entertaining journey through the history of our attempts to answer the question: what makes people tick?
— Dr. Craig Malkin, Lecturer, Harvard Medical School and author of the internationally acclaimed, Rethinking Narcissism
At NYU in 1970, there were no courses in journalism, but I ran the daily newspaper, which was a full time job, meaning I had to choose a major where you could get A’s without attending classes or doing a lot of work. It turns out that was psychology. So I was a psychology major. I learned nothing about psychology, and because of that, I have always secretly considered myself a fraud. Then I read Andrea Bonior’s book. I am a psychologist now, and a completed man.
— Gene Weingarten, Pulitzer-prize winning journalist and nationally syndicated humor columnist

The Friendship Fix

Drawing from decades of clinical experience, Dr. Bonior uses enlightening anecdotes, modern research, and a healthy dose of humor to explore the interesting, fun, engaging, sometimes-challenging, dramatic, and constantly evolving relationships we have with our friends and acquaintances.

Discover how current technology and social networking have rewritten the rules around friendship-making, friendship-keeping, and friendship-breaking.

Available from Amazon, Indiebound and Barnes & Noble

In her debut, Bonior dispenses smart advice, flush with wit and sarcasm, aimed at women grappling with their relationships. Not only does she embrace and trumpet the importance of friendship, the author also offers relevant ideas and non-silly steps to put yourself out there and start creating new friendships.... An overdone topic taken from clinical to fabulous.
— Kirkus Reviews

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Professional Practice in Bethesda, Maryland

Dr. Andrea specializes in life transitions, anxiety, and relationships, and draws from her extensive knowledge and experience to help her patients overcome psychological challenges.

By creating a space that feels safe and protected, Dr. Andrea helps her clients resolve challenging obstacles, including depression, anxiety, grief and loss, and interpersonal problems.

“Are you tired of feeling stuck? It's easy to put off getting help. But when you're in a bad place emotionally, in time it can take you further and further from the life you want." 

—Dr. Andrea Bonior


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