Andrea Bonior (that's Bonn-yer!) is a best-selling author, speaker, professor, and licensed clinical psychologist.

Want the academic version? Dr. Andrea received her B.A. with distinction in psychology from Yale University, with an additional major in American Studies.

She completed her M.A. and Ph.D. in clinical psychology at American University, with a pre-doctoral clinical internship at the University of Miami, and a post-doctoral fellowship at George Washington University.

Her training focused on individual and group psychotherapy for adults, specializing in the treatment of anxiety disorders and depression. For ten years, she has served on the faculty of Georgetown University, where she is a multi-year nominee for the Academic Council Honors Teaching Award, given to those professors who, by student nomination, are said to have had a meaningful impact on students’ lives.

She is the author of two books: The Friendship Fix: The Complete Guide to Choosing, Losing, and Keeping Up With Your Friends, and the recent Publisher’s Weekly Bestseller, Psychology: Essential Thinkers, Classic Theories, and How They Inform Your World.

Want the real-human version? Dr. Andrea’s passion is people.

She’s made a career of translating the science of psychology into meaningful, real-life change, and it’s taken her from therapy rooms to classrooms, from convention rooms to newsrooms, and everywhere in between.

She is a keynote speaker on relationships, motivation, and emotional health, and is the longtime voice behind the mental health advice column “Baggage Check” for the Washington Post, which appears in several additional newspapers nationwide and now includes a live weekly live chat. In addition, she writes Psychology Today's "Friendship 2.0" blog, which has been read more than 8 million times.

Dr. Andrea is a featured expert psychologist for several media outlets, and her "Baggage Check" column for the Post is now in its fourteenth year.

She maintains a part-time private therapy practice outside of Washington, DC, where she lives with her husband, three children, and a huge Black Lab(ish!) dog who just wants a belly rub.